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Collaboration with Ligeti Quartet (Bristol University Jean Golding Institute Seed Corn Award): “Metastable Impressions”

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(Photo: Mike Massaro)

I have just begun a new collaboration with Peter Bennett of the Interaction and Graphics Research Group at Bristol University, and Robert Arbon and Alex Jones of the School of Chemistry.  We are working to make visual and sonic representations of computational models of biomolecular dynamics.  In turn, we hope to make the visualisations and sonifications into a musical/visual work of art, to be presented by us and the Ligeti Quartet at Bristol University on 28th May 2019.

Our collaboration is supported by the Jean Golding Institute Seed Corn Award:

Watch this space for more posts as our work progresses.

A rendering of an AADH molecule in the style of a Picasso painting.  (an early attempt from Rob and Alex’s previous project).  Here is how a visualisation of the vibrations of a molecule might look pre-stylisation:


Pete Bennett-

Alex Jones’ group website: