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University of Taipei, Department of Musicology visiting lecture: “Organic and Geometric Aspects of Musical Composition” (11th Dec. 2018)

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I’m grateful to the inspiring Pan Jia Lin, Professor of Composition at Taiwan’s oldest university, the University of Taipei (台北市立大学), for her invitation to give a lecture to the students of the musicology department.  I had originally planned to give an adapted version of the lecture I previously gave in Zhejiang in May, but Professor Pan requested that I add more material on other composers’ music, and I ended up adding so much material that I gave an entirely new lecture, including material on Rochberg, Schoenberg, Varese, Guillaume Dufay, Xenakis and Part.  They were great students, engaged and friendly.  Good luck in your studies!

While in Taipei, I took the chance to visit the former residence of Chinese author and inventor Lin Yu Tang, perched on the hills North of Taipei (pictures below).  If you don’t know Lin Yu Tang, his extraordinary Moment in Peking (京华烟云)is well worth investigating.