Title Instruments Timing Date Premiere Other Notes
Mysterious Future


Solo piano ? December 2016-January 2017  

In progress




Sculpture in Melody Solo traditional Sheng 6’ November 2016  


Adapted from Abstract Construction in Meldoy after Tullochgorm.



Tullochgorm String Quartet 7’ September 2016  





Kreutzer String Quartet, Tianjin Conservatory of Music Recital Hall, Tianjin, China, TJCM British Contemporary Music Festival (season one) 18th October 2016








Adapted from Abstract Construction in Meldoy after Tullochgorm.







Mwnt SATB Hymn Tune 2’  

January 2015- August 2016




Bilingual words by Rev John Gwilym Jones




Polymetric Minuet Piano Trio 5’30’’ April 2016  




Crystal Images I

(Cardigan Bay, Summer 2015)








Flute, Bass Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone, Trombone (ideally Bass, for low C), two Electric Guitars, Electric Piano, Violin, Viola, Double Bass

(Also in alternative version without double bass)

11’ April 2016  

Ensemble Synaesthesis, VDA Gothic Hall, Vilnius,  Lithuania, 24th May 2016










Druskomanija International Contemporary Music Festival commission











Abstract Construction in Meldoy (after Tullochgorm) Solo traditional Sheng 6’ March-April 2016




Commissioned by Zheng Yang.  Withdrawn.




Serial Sketch Solo piano

(alternative version for solo Sheng)

2’30” March 2016  





Into the Wild Wood









Solo piano 8’ Feb 2015-Feb 2016 Cai Wang, Tianjin Conservatory of Music President’s Composition Competition Prize and Composition Department Teachers’ Concert, Recital Hall, June 17th 2016  












Aequale Brass Trio (tenor, bass trombones, F tuba) 10’ February-May 2015  


Composed for Vilnius Brass Trio.  (Awaiting Revision).




Iceflow IV  






Suona (bass, treble), 2 Dizi, Zhongyin Sheng, Erhu, Zhonghu, Pipa, Zhongruan, Sanxian, Yangqin, Guzheng, 2 Percussion

5’ April 2015  






Young teachers of the Chinese Music department, Tianjin Conservatory of Music, May Music Festival, Tianjin Conservatory of Music Concert Hall, 29th May 2015.










Dances in Time and Vertical Space Solo violin, flute, clarinet, string quartet 6’15” January-April 15th 2015  





AANMI (Asian American New Music Institute), violin solo: Rachel Lee Priday, conductor: Yuga Cohler, Beijing Modern Music Festival, Central Conservatory of Music Concert Hall, 25th May 2015








Subsequent performances:

Tianjin Conservatory of Music May Music Festival, TJCM Concert Hall, 26th May 2015.

Shenyang Conservatory of Music Asian-American Music Festival, 2nd June 2015.






Vincenz und Greta 8 keyboard accordions

(or bayans)

8’ Jan 2012-March 2014  



Accordion Ensemble of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Colonade Music Club, Druskininkai, Lithuania 18th May 2014







Spatialisation: the 8 performers encircle the audience.  Composed for Druskomanija festival 2014.

(Awaiting Revision)






Second Guitar Sonata solo guitar 8’ 2011-March 2014 Sam Cave, Tianjin Conservatory of Music Ceremonial Hall, 27th May 2015.  





Blissful Bower  





amateur/school orchestra, choir, solo baritone and piano accompaniment, flute group (min.3 flutes), narrator (in five movement version only)



14′ (3 mvts)

20′ (5 mvts)




July 2013-28th February 2014

Rev. December 2014.



Students/teachers of Bristol Grammar School, U.K., St George’s Brandon Hill, Bristol, May 8th 2015.




















In Memoriam David Selwyn.  Composed for the children and staff of Bristol Grammar School.  Five movements:

1.”It was the face of the earliest of all mothers” (setting Hesse):

narrator and 4 untuned percussion.

2. “Blissful Bower”,  (setting Milton): choir, obl. piano, obl. tambourine, ad lib. timp., ad lib. 5 accompanying instruments.

3.  Transformations, (setting Hardy):

Baritone and piano.

4.  The Prolific and the Devourer, (setting Blake):

Narrator, ad lib./strings

5.  “Before the Mountains were brought forth” (Psalm 90 vv.2-5):

Choir, piano obl., flute group (min.3 flutes)




Fantasia accordion (bayan) and violin (3′) October 2013  




Autumn Polyphony/


accordion (bayan) and violin. (2’40”) (1st-3rd October 2013)  




Ruta’s Song piano (3’20”) (2012-2013)  




Earthly Branches large orchestra (14’) (2012-2013)  




Qingdao Symphony Orchestra, Zhang Guo-Yong, conductor, Beijing Concert Hall, 24th June 2013.






3rd Place in Beijing Contemporary Orchestral Composition Grand Prix 2013.  Awaiting revision.





The Singing Lesson (a nano-opera)  




3 sopranos, tenor, baritone, vn, db, cl, sax (alt/ten), kankles (Lithuanian cimbalom), percussion (drums and gongs)

(6’) (2012)  



New Opera Action festival, Operomanija, conductor Ricardas Sumila, Vilnius, Lithuania, 19th December 2012








Libretto: Claude Willan/George Holloway.








Two Folk Song settings high voice and piano (6’) (2012)  


George Holloway, tenor, Tom Green, piano, Cardigan Guildhall, Wales, September 2012






In Lithuanian and Welsh






Mutability high voice and piano (5’) (2012-2013)  



Natalie Shi, soprano, George Holloway, piano, Central Conservatory of Music, 31st May 2013






Setting text by P.B. Shelley.







Birds in Flight Two violins (5’) (2012)  






AANMI (Asian American New Music Institute), Tianjin Conservatory of Music, May Music Festival, Tianjin Conservatory of Music Concert Hall, 26th May 2015.











Love, Substantive SATB (4’)  



(Rev. 2014, 2016)






Setting poem “The Plural Number”, by Kiki Dimoula (in composer’s English translation, some modern Greek).




Pentecost SATB, organ (4’) (2012)  



Cantores Michaelis, cond. George Holloway, St Michael’s Church, Southampton, 2012







Acts 2.14-21







Iceflow III  





Dadi, B flat Clarinet, Zhongyin Sheng, Bassoon,

Zhongruan, Guzheng, Violin, Erhu, Violoncello, Double Bass

(8’) (2012)  












choir and chamber orchestra










Finchley Chamber Orchestra & Finchley Chamber Choir (Adopt a Composer commission), Trinity Church, North Finchley, 16th July 2011














oboe quartet and bassoon







Lithuanian Oboe Quartet, Holy Trinity Church, Auletikos, Lithuania, 20th May, 2012





(“Druskininkai Canon“)

Alt. Vers.: two oboes, oboe d’amore, cor anglais and bassoon.





Guitar Sonata


solo guitar










Sam Cave, guitar, at the International Composers Collective inaugural concert, The Forge, Camden, 25th May 2011




Microtonal scordatura.

1st mvt. of a projected triptych (2nd mtv: guitar duo; 3rd mvt: guitar quartet).


French Sweet


harpsichord and alto saxophone or clarinet








Jane Chapman, harpsichord, Angela Space, alto sax, John Hansard Art Gallery, Southampton, 7th December 2010







Quartertones in sax part.


Optional version: sax tuned 1/4 tone sharper than harpsichord (part adapted).





Iceflow II




violin, ‘cello, double bass, bassoon and horn










The Southampton University Contemporary Music Group, John Hansard Art Gallery, Southampton, 7th December 2010











Bring the wine



Nanguan singer, pipa and dongxiao








Musicians from National Taiwan University of the Arts, June 2010







Setting in mandarin of Li Po (Li Bai).










piano doubling pianica, Russian bayan (accordion)










Anna Veismane, piano and pianica, Timo Kinnunen, accordion, Europa Royale Hotel, Druskininkai, Lithuania, 30th May 2010












violin and piano








Lien Ya Chi, violin, George Holloway, piano, National Taiwan University, 14th May 2010






(“Epitaph”) No.2 of “Two pieces for violin and piano”.  Homage to Alfred Schnittke.  I.M. Rex Stapleton.





New Song


solo piano








David Owen Norris, The Odeon, National Taiwan University, Taipei, 14th April 2010










solo piano









Rolf Hind, piano, at the New Works Festival, Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton, 5th December 2010









Free Speeches


violin, viola, ‘cello and piano








Metapraxis Ensemble, 26th November 2009 at Roehampton University






Alt. Vers.: clarinet, violin, ‘cello and piano.






Mass of St Michael


SATB choir, organ and ‘cello (ad lib)








Cantores Michaelis, St Michael’s Church, 7th February 2010, in liturgical context, cond. by the composer






Mass text of the Sarum (Salisbury) rite.  I.M.  Samantha Verschueren.







A Spark Lights the Void Within


soprano and string orchestra










Southampton University Strings, Church of the Immaculate Conception, Southampton, 9th December 2009, conducted by the composer








Alt. Vers.: Soprano, piano and double bass.  Texts: Cavafy, Shelley, and the composer.  I.M.  Lydia Press.

Later perf: 25th November 2011, Birmingham Cathedral  (Birmingham Conservatory of Music recital series)




Gloyn Byw


string octet




(2009, rev.2010)






Players of National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University, and friends, cond. by the composer, 14/5/10, NTU, Taipei







(“Butterfly”)  1st. Mvt of a projected triptych.







Hua yang nian hua


solo viola







Richard Jones, viola, Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton, UK, 14th May, 2012




(“Girl in the bloom of youth”)





Momentary Thinking X


solo guitar




(2007, rev. ’09)


Sam Cave, Royal College of Music, June 2009  





Somewhere becoming rain


bassoon quartet








Vilniaus Fagotynas, Trakai Castle, Lithuania, 24th May 2009







Bird Songs


mezzo-soprano and piano












No.s 1 and 3, Lucy Williams &the composer, Southampton, 24/02/09; No.2, Lucy Williams &Rufus Forbes, at the Setting Agendas conference, Southampton, 18/09/09










59 Swans (Yeats) (2007) (4’); Black Rook in Rainy Weather (after Plath) (2009) (8′); The Hierarchies of Sound (Paul Evans) (2009) (10’)








Il Ritorno d’Ulisse al suo letto


ft (=picc, alto) cl, vn, vc, tbn, euph, tba, two pno (pno 2= hpschd), org, gtr (5′) (2009)  

Southampton University Contemporary Music Group, 11th March 2009





(“The Return of Ulysses to his Bed”)





Ad animam SATB  







Exaudi, conductor James Weeks, in a workshop, Southampton University, March 2009







(“To the soul”).  Setting Emperor Hadrian (Latin) and the prophet Isaiah (King James translation)





Bei unseren Helden an…. string quartet (8′) (2008)  




(“From our heroes in…”).

Awaiting revision.




Chanson i.m. Richard Hickox violin and piano (2′) (2008)  



Lien Ya Chi, violin, George Holloway, piano, National Taiwan University, 14th May 2010








No.1 of “Two pieces for violin and piano”.






Apart/Together clarinet, alto sax, piano, guitar (6′) (2008)  


Awaiting revision.




The Poise Between Notes and Noise instructions for a performance (any duration) (2008) CoMA South, Portsmouth University Art Gallery, 12th February 2009
Media Vita string orchestra (6’) (2007-8) Southampton University Strings, May 2008








(“In life’s midst”)

First professional perf:

(St Christopher Chamber Orchestra, cond. Donatus Katkus, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius, 23rd May 2011)





Aulodia Piccola  



Ft, 2 Cl, Sax;

Viola, Tp;

3 other groups of open instrumentation

(10’) (2008)  



Southampton University’s Contemporary Music Ensemble, March 2008









(“Little flute song”)








Brief Journey  


soprano, contralto, piano and erhu (or violin)

(4 ½’) (late 2007)  





Ruth Hopkins and Lucy Williams, singers, George Holloway, piano, Laurie McGee, violin, St Michael’s Church, Southampton 19th May 2012








Text in mandarin by Li Po (Li Bai)








Standing Stones, Mapless Land chamber orchestra (6’) (2007) Forum London Chamber Symphony, 6th October 2007


Liuli viola and erhu (or violin) (3’) (2007)  




Awaiting revision.




Ondas solo mezzo soprano (4’) (2006-7)  


Lucy Williams, St Michael’s Church, Southampton, 24th February 2009








Spanish text by Federico Garcia Lorca





For no one, to no one solo violin (5’) (2006-7)  



David Alberman, SPNM solo spotlights concert, 20th March 2007










hn, vc, pno, gt, perc, live electronic instr., speakers

(10’) (2006)  



The Hola, CoMA Summer School, Doncaster, July 23rd 2006











Can be performed with live dance and video (staged version perf. by participants of “The Music Visualisation Laboratory”, Profsajungu Rumai, Vilnius, Lithuania, 18th September 2009).


Microtonal horn part.





Vyzantini two tenors (5′) (2006)  








Text in Patristic Greek by Romanus and Theodore Studites.  I.M. Michael Drury.


Awaiting revision.




3 Portraits oboe, clarinet and piano (4’) (2006)  





Sounds Underground: Dan Bates oboe, Katherine Spencer clarinet, Iain Farrington piano, Bush Hall, Shepherd’s Bush 18/6/06












Jayne and Starry Night solo piano (10’) (2005-6)  


Taina Niemela, SPNM Score! Day in Cardiff, April 28th 2007)






Awaiting revision.






I believe in you, my soul SSAATTBB (5′) (2005)  




Setting Walt Whitman (Song of myself).  To Jamie Burton.

Awaiting revision.





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