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Ling 《灵》Improvised music, theatre and dance performance (2015/6)

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I worked with the director Cao Jing on her production of Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis in Summer 2015.  I was so impressed by her imagination and talent, I was clear that I wanted to work with her on an improvised performance involving music, dance and theatre.  This eventually became Ling, which we performed (each time utterly different) about six times in Tianjin in Winter 2015/2016, and a further four times at the Wuzhen International Theatre Festival in Oct. 2016.  We amassed a huge quantity of video footage from these hour-long performances, which I’ve edited and posted on YouTube:


Tianjin anthologies:








Wuzhen International Theatre Festival:


Full performance:


After two days of performances, and much discussion about what was unsatisfactory with our improvisations, in our very last performance we threw caution (and a large part of our dignity) to the wind, and put on this rather peculiar performance. It was exhilirating to be part of.


Highlights from the preceding two days’ performances: