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Crystal Images (Cardigan Bay, Summer 2015)- for 9 instruments and video projection

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This piece, commissioned by the Druskomanija Festival in Lithuania, presents a collage of rarefied sound images.  The “images” are static textures in constant flux, combinations of looping, contrasting material in different instruments.  Each “image” was paired with fixed shots of natural phenomena, such as wind, waves or clouds moving across the sky (reflected in the bonnet of a car!), which I saw as the visual analogues of the sound images.  I wanted to create in this “geometrically” structured piece, a sense of stasis, each sound image free of “goal-directed” structural implications and harmonic movement.

June 2018 update:

I’ve made another version of Crystal Images I, using videos I made in the Tianjin Waterside Park.  I used my video camera on a tripod to get steadier videos, but it was late in the day and some of the footage is very dark.  I’m still learning the ins and outs of making videos!  Link here: