Holloway Children’s Choir: New Videos!

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The Holloway Children’s Choir is preparing for its winter concert at the end of December, and in the meantime we’ve made some videos to see how we’re progressing. We’ve also used these videos to apply for the Llangollen International Music Eisteddfod. I really hope we can take the choir to the UK next year and share our hard work with UK audiences.

Performance Class:

Kodály, Esti Dal:


You can see a rehearsal of this piece, where I think they sing quite well too!  It’s not an easy piece to sing.



Béla Bartók: Song of Loneliness (English version by Geoffry Russell-Smith)



Advanced Class:

Huangzi: Seeing Plum blossom in the snow (extract)



Benjamin Britten: Friday Afternoons Op.7, No.3 “Cuckoo”



Two Chinese folk songs:

Jasmine Flower (Jiangsu folk song) arr. Yang Hong Nian
A Ma Lei Ho (Tibetan Mountain Song) arr. Chen Yi (extracts)