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Mise-En Festival 2018 Music Marathon- World Premiere of “Crystal Images II” (June 2018)

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It was an amazing 4 days at the 2018 Mise-En Festival.  I met many imaginative, free-thinking, intelligent, witty and talented composers, all of us composing very different and distinctive art music.  Moon Young Ha and Jordann Davis and the whole Ensemble Mise-En have worked extremely hard, especially on the last day’s 4-hour long Music Marathon.  I was privileged to be able to meet so many brilliant thinkers, creators and performers.  I wrote an ambitious work for the festival: in it I try out ways of achieving entirely non-equally tempered spectral harmonies and their inversions.  The Mise-En Ensemble tackled the piece with precision and dogged determination!  It was hard work, but the rewards were immense.


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At the Taiwan Cultural Centre in New York:







Rehearsing with the Mise-En Ensemble:




My presentation on my music: