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Recording session with Sam Cave: Guitar Sonata

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I’m looking forward to the release of Sam Cave’s CD, which will feature both of my guitar sonatas, alongside Murail’s Tellur, Fox’s Chile and Radulescu’s Subconscious Wave, all of which are possibly world premiere recordings.  Sam has described this disc as the “cumulative expression of the last ten years of my guitar playing”, and I am very proud that my two pieces–both of which were such important creative efforts for me personally–feature in that history.

I was present today to advise on the recording of the first sonata, and also had the chance to hear (and offer occasional input into) Sam’s recording of Christopher Fox’s Chile.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable day’s music-making.  John Croft did a great job as recording engineer.

John and I hard at work in the control room.
Sam comes in to check a take.
Sam and George check the ending of the first sonata.
My meticulous take sheet from the recording.