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Opera for Children’s Choir: Cao Chong Weighs the Elephant 童声歌剧:曹冲称象 (2017)

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You can see the documentary Tianjin International TV made about my rehearsals with the delightful Mulan Children’s Choir on this project here:

Tianjin International TV: Hello! Tianjin documentary

July 2018: Update

I’ve got the videos of the three performances up online, you can see them here:

For people in China, youku links below:

This was the major composition project of my Summer ’17, and my major conducting project of the Winter semester ’17-18.  It was supported by funds from Tianjin City Government via the “Thousand Young Talents” scheme, and I assembled a superb production team to help me put this together–on a very limited budget and rehearsal time!

I’ve got the audio of the first of the three performances up on bandcamp: