Welcome to the website of composer, conductor and educator George Holloway.

I am currently assistant professor of composition in the department of Ethnomusicology, Nanhua University, in Taiwan:




Until April 2018 I was Dean of Composition at Tianjin Conservatory of Music, China (historically the first ever foreign head of department in a Chinese conservatory of music).  Having stepped down from the Dean of Composition position in July 2018, I moved on from TJCM to focus on running my children’s choir, the Holloway Children’s Choir, which is based in Tianjin.  In September 2019, I moved to my present position in Taiwan.

歡迎大家訪問我的個人網站。我現任南華大學民族音樂學系的助理教授(作曲)。我曾經從15年到18年4月擔任過 天津音乐学院作曲系的系主任。我2018年1月建立了我個人的童聲合唱團,霍洛韋童聲合唱團。

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For video, see my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqH9C9GCFNtgpWrSmi3dbGw

我許多影片都可以在優酷上欣賞:http://i.youku.com/i/UNDkyMTMxMzYyMA==?spm=a2hzp.8244740.0.0 (或搜索“盧長劍”)


For audio, see my bandcamp page: https://georgeholloway.bandcamp.com/