Thomas Mesa, Yoon Lee perform “Novella (Chapter One)” in New York (Nov.2019)

I was thrilled and excited to have the New York premiere of my work for ‘cello and piano, Novella (Chapter One), on 16th November 2019, performed by two young star performers, Thomas Mesa and Yoon Lee.  Fascinatingly, this performance took place in the private home of Ellen and Fred Harris in NYC; I was very…Continue Reading “Thomas Mesa, Yoon Lee perform “Novella (Chapter One)” in New York (Nov.2019)”

Novella (Chapter One) for cello and piano (Premiere, Dec. 2017)

In November/December 2017 I was honoured to visit Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, and rehearse my piece for cello and piano, Novella (Chapter One) with Fang Yijia and Li Xinyuan.  They premiered the work on the 1st December, in what was one of the most enjoyable and awe-inspiring concerts I’ve ever seen (check out the…Continue Reading “Novella (Chapter One) for cello and piano (Premiere, Dec. 2017)”

Kreutzer Quartet in Tianjin: Tullochgorm (2016) for String Quartet

In October 2016 I organised a mini-festival, inviting the Kreutzer Quartet to come and perform, teach, lecture and workshop students works.  It was a wonderful week, and garnered enthusiastic feedback from the Tianjin students.   While they were in Tianjin, I was lucky enough to have a new piece, Tullochgorm, premiered in their second concert.  This…Continue Reading “Kreutzer Quartet in Tianjin: Tullochgorm (2016) for String Quartet”

I worked on the musical accompaniment for this Chinese language production of Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis in Summer 2015.  I composed some new music for ‘cello/multi-tracked ‘cello, as well as using some of my other pieces.  I wrote the ‘cello pieces as canons, first recording a single voice and later overlaying copies of the same recording to…Continue Reading “Theatre Music for Sarah Kane 4.48 Psychosis 萨拉·凯恩:4.48精神崩溃配乐”