Guitarist Sam Cave discussed and performed extracts of my sonatas in a research seminar at Brunel University, UK, in December 2019.  He’s recently put it online and shared the link with me.  He speaks with authority on my guitar music– after all, I wrote it for him, and we spent many happy hours rehearsing, refining…Continue Reading ““Refracted Resonance”- Sam Cave’s Seminar in Brunel University, 11th December 2019 (late upload)”

Metier CD launch concert and reviews (May 2019)

Sam Cave’s CD, Refracted Resonance, was released on Metier in 2019.  In press reviews both sonatas were described as “a mix of beautifully spacious soundscapes”, as “worthy of repeated attention”, and my second sonata in particular was described as “severe or laconic, [which] carries a barren beauty, like a windswept landscape” (full text of the…Continue Reading “Metier CD launch concert and reviews (May 2019)”

Sam Cave forthcoming CD release on Metiér: Guitar Sonatas

The recording for Sam Cave’s CD is all done now, and Metiér (a division of Divine Records) are due to release the disc early in 2019.   I’m honoured that Sam has recorded my Guitar Sonata and Second Guitar Sonata to include on the disc; these are pieces which I wrote specially for Sam, and he’s…Continue Reading “Sam Cave forthcoming CD release on Metiér: Guitar Sonatas”

I finished my PhD at the University of Southampton in 2011, and passed the viva with minimal corrections in early 2012.  It has been sitting on my computer (and in the Hartley Library at S’ton) all that time, and I thought I ought to put it up here, as it contains a lot of ideas…Continue Reading “PhD Portfolio and Commentary (2012)- download link”

Recording session with Sam Cave: Guitar Sonata

I’m looking forward to the release of Sam Cave’s CD, which will feature both of my guitar sonatas, alongside Murail’s Tellur, Fox’s Chile and Radulescu’s Subconscious Wave, all of which are possibly world premiere recordings.  Sam has described this disc as the “cumulative expression of the last ten years of my guitar playing”, and I am very proud that my…Continue Reading “Recording session with Sam Cave: Guitar Sonata”

Ling 《灵》Improvised music, theatre and dance performance (2015/6)

  I worked with the director Cao Jing on her production of Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis in Summer 2015.  I was so impressed by her imagination and talent, I was clear that I wanted to work with her on an improvised performance involving music, dance and theatre.  This eventually became Ling, which we performed (each time utterly different)…Continue Reading “Ling 《灵》Improvised music, theatre and dance performance (2015/6)”

Guitar Sonatas 1&2

My two guitar sonatas were both written for and dedicated to Sam Cave.  Thanks to Sam, these two pieces have become my most often performed compositions!  Sam is preparing a professional recording of both sonatas, which I eagerly await.  In the meantime, I post here the videos of Sam’s earlier performances (from his visit to…Continue Reading “Guitar Sonatas 1&2”